Opportunity to Establish a 172 Bed, Destination Hospital located near Wichita, Kansas


American Healthcare Capital is pleased to introduce a 276,000 square foot, 172 Bed Hospital on 5 acres of land located near Wichita Kansas. Founded in 1902, the hospital has significant brand equity and a long track record of excellence. The existing structures were built in the mid-1980’s and are in excellent condition. Adjacent to the Hospital are 34 onsite apartments that can be used for transitional housing. The facility is an ideal setting for a destination rehabilitation center and for medical related treatments and services. The facility currently has no census and there is no active license. The license can be expeditiously re-instated since Kansas does not require a CON for licensing.

In 2008, the entire complex was appraised by CBRE and obtained a valuation of $12.9 Million and an “as stabilized” valuation of $42 Million. The replacement cost was estimated at over $100 Million. The asking price for this opportunity is $7.5 Million, or the seller will consider a joint venture proposal or lease. A copy of the appraisal is available for viewing.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us for a Confidentiality Agreement that will allow us to share more detailed information with you.