Memory Support Supplement Company


American Healthcare Capital is proud to introduce a Memory support supplement company for
sale. This company started with the founder’s passion to find solutions to memory loss. Memory
loss and dementia are remarkably common globally and are becoming a national health crisis in
the US. At present, 7 million Americans report memory loss.

Our product (VMS) has scientific proof of positive results at a fraction of the cost of Prevagen.
In its short time on the market, the product has become an award-winning supplement with proven
results. The owner is seeking a strategic buyer to help with marketing and capital to continue
funding the company’s growth and development.

The current market for supplements is enormous. Sales of all supplements were $121 billion
globally and $40 billion in the US in 2018. Memory supplements sold $3 billion globally and $643
million in the US in 2015. Sales nearly doubled from 2006 to 2015 and are estimated to reach
$5.8 billion globally by 2023. An estimated 81% of adults age 50 or older believe supplements are
at least somewhat important for health.

The owner is looking for a strategic buyer to purchase the whole company or a majority interest.
All reasonable offers will be considered.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us for a Confidentiality Agreement that will allow us to share more detailed information with you.