I/DD Group Homes with a Total of 11 Beds in Michigan


America Healthcare Capital is proud to introduce two Licensed Group Homes located in Livonia and Lansing, Michigan that are operated by a non-profit organization. The group homes are specialized Level IV and V. They specialize in serving ambulatory adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who cannot live alone. Their program includes residents who are Autistic, blind, deaf, and have other significant cognitive impairments.

The organization supports a total of 11 beds with a 91% occupancy rate. The company’s payer mix is 85% Medicaid and 15% Social Security Disability Income. Gross revenues have consistently been in the $1 million range with an adjusted EBITDA around 20%.

The owner wishes to pursue other interests, but they will assist during a transitional period as needed. The asking price for the real estate and the business opportunity is $1,300,000.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us for a Confidentiality Agreement that will allow us to share more detailed information with you.