Largest Mobile MRI Service Located in Mississippi, Including Equipment


American HealthCare Capital is proud to introduce a well-established mobile MRI service in Mississippi. With 16 hospital and image center clients, they service rural hospitals and care providers who do not meet the certificate of need criteria. The company owns 3 MRI machines, the operating software and 3 scanner units, all of which will be included in the sale. They currently lease three big rigs and one company vehicle.

In 2017, revenues were $1,196,000 with and EBITDA of $51,818 as a result a large depreciation. On trend to continue growing, their revenue in 2018 was $1,284,740 and was $1,454,120 in 2019. The reported revenue in the first two months of 2020 was $246,100.

The company consists of 8 employees and one janitorial contractor. The employees include 3 fulltime MRI techs, one of whom is the owner, 1 part time MRI tech, 3 drivers, one ultrasound tech who also works in sales. The second partner is a radiologist who works on a consulting basis. While one owner is looking to retire, the managing owner is willing to stay on during the transitional period. The remaining staff is expected to stay on under new ownership.

The asking price for this opportunity is $2 million.

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