$11 Million Mid-West Long Term Care Pharmacy


American Healthcare Capital is pleased to introduce a Long-Term Care Pharmacy for sale in the Mid-West. Founded in 1947 as a retail Pharmacy, the pharmacy evolved over the last 25 years into a full term LTC Rx. They are strategically located on major highways and with their satellite locations can cover a very large service area. Through their outstanding service and advanced medication packaging and distribution technologies, they have positioned themselves as the leading Long Term Care Rx within their market area. This Mid-West company currently service 2000 plus patients located in Skilled, ALFS and Restricted Facilities. These facilities are anchored by strong and assumable contracts.

Their revenues for 2021 were close to $10,000,000. Their revenues for 2022 are expected to reach increased to $11,000,000.

All key staff are expected to stay on, and the seller looks forward to continuing on in a leadership position after the acquisition. The asking price for this long-term care pharmacy for sale is $3.5 Million, plus the cost of inventory.

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