$1 Million Revenue Artificial Intelligence Company Based in the Midwest


American Health Care Capital is proud to introduce an Artificial Intelligence Company for sale which was Founded in 2020. This AI service company has both historical success and an effective future vision of leveraging AI to enhance business performance. The company is reimagining analytics with the utilization of AI, serving as a catalyst for service organizations in simplifying the collection and organization of device and financial data. They partner with business professionals to uncover vital insights into their data that will help them identify opportunities to grow their customer base and revenue.
The company’s services include the following:

• Science Data Platform: Secure, scalable, and flexible data platforms on the cloud facilitating seamless data ingestion, integration, quality assurance, and orchestration.
• Patient-Centric Interventions -: With our expertise in patient data analytics. leveraging advanced analytics, we help our clients devise targeted intervention programs.
• Revenue Cycle Management-: Building data models to streamline revenue cycle management, optimize revenue and reduce inefficiencies.
• AI Consulting Service: Facilitate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning adoption & tools for global enterprises.

The owner wishes to locate a strategic buyer who will help the company grow. Upper management staff are open to staying on board post-sale to partner with new owners to continue the overall growth trajectory.

The company has experienced steady growth in volume, profitability, and client base. Gross Revenues were $722,542 in 2022 with an adjusted EBITDA of $475,588. In 2023, they expect to reach $835,0000 with a projected EBITDA of $610,000, and they anticipate continued growth to the $1 million range in 2024.

The asking price is $2.75 million. They are seeking a strategic buyer who will help the company grow.

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