$14 Million Revenue Wholesale Distributor of Laboratory and Medical Supplies


American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a laboratory and medical supplies wholesale distributor that is for sale. Established in 2020, the company specializes in sourcing a variety of diagnostic and healthcare-related supplies for a wide range of clients, including complex labs, pharmacies, hospitals, government agencies, senior living communities, and other businesses. They also offer 3PL services and IT solutions to Healthcare entities. They are licensed to do business nationwide and have over 450 active accounts. All business is done online via their comprehensive website with no walk-in business.

This company was founded by 2 healthcare professionals to provide point-of-care testing, lab supplies, and pharmaceutical supplies to healthcare facilities and pharmacies. This is not a retail shop catering to small end-consumer users. This laboratory and medical supplies wholesale distributor has focused and had great success in the B2B market segment. B2B makes up about 100% of Total Revenue. The future looks very promising as their customer base grows weekly, and they are in the process of being accredited to distribute wholesale prescription drugs and OTC medications to a diverse portfolio of independent pharmacies, wholesalers, and urgent care facilities.

The company’s payer mix is 100% private pay. Gross revenue in 2020 starting from September was $1,235,552 with $256,958 in EBITDA. In 2021, which was their first full year, they showed exponential growth with Gross Revenue of $12,193,018 with EBITDA of $ 2,077,984. In 2022, Gross Revenue continued to grow with $14,412,218 and adjusted EBITDA of $876,835.

The asking price for this laboratory and medical supplies wholesale distributor is $5,000,000 plus inventory.

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