$2.6 Million Revenue, Cash-Based Sterile & Nonsterile Compounding Pharmacy in the Pacific Northwest


American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a cash-based sterile & nonsterile compounding Pharmacy in the Pacific Northwest. This business has been in operation for 8 years. The 5,000 square foot facility is USP 800 ready for nonsterile and sterile labs. The pharmacy is licensed in 6 states and dispenses approximately 25,000 compounds per year plus retail and wholesale. About 90% of the prescriptions are delivered and 10% are picked up. The pharmacy also has a wholesale license in-state and is able to sell manufactured items to medical clinics.
The payer mix is 100% cash. The revenue composition is as follows: 53% Sterile compounding, 28% Non-sterile compounding, 13% Retail 13%, and 6% Wholesale. The sterile compounding predominantly consists of IV vitamins, minerals, chelation, amino acids antioxidants, urology, and hormones. Nonsterile compounding predominantly includes aesthetics, vet meds, and hormone replacement therapy.
Gross revenues have increased each year. In 2019, annual revenues were approximately $1.9 million with a 73% gross profit margin and an EBITDA of $400,767. In 2020, revenues were about $1.97 million with a 69% gross profit margin and an EBITDA of $371,146. In 2021, gross revenues were over $2.2 million with a gross profit margin of 69% and an adjusted EBITDA of $426,324. In 2022, prices were increased and the first half of the year shows the pharmacy is on track to reach $2.6 million in annual revenue this year with a projected EBITDA of approximately $634,000.
There are two owners, one of whom is a part time pharmacist. Additional staff includes 2 full time pharmacists, an on-call pharmacist, 10 technicians, and 4 clerks. Staff is anticipated to stay on post-sale.
The asking price for the opportunity is $3.15 million, plus inventory estimated at $150,000.

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