Telemedicine & Manufacturing Platform For Worldwide Distribution


American Healthcare Capital is pleased to be able to present one of the most iconic brand names in telemedicine and telehealth. The company currently manufactures customized telemedicine systems and sells a multitude of medical devices worldwide, including general examination cameras, electronic stethoscopes, otoscopes, and numerous other medical devices to support 35 specialties, along with additional medical instruments in development. They are currently engineering a proprietary application for the pharmaceutical industry’s clinical trials business. Along with the current exponential rate of return from sales, this new application will also generate on-going profits.

The company has the capability to be a single resource for any organization wanting to implement telemedicine programs. They have extensive experience in designing, installing, training and supporting telemedicine technology programs across the globe. They are able to implement within any medical framework, including rural and urban hospitals, clinics, prisons, parole offices, seaward vessels, and more. They have developed and implemented hundreds of telemedicine programs throughout the world and now are poised to implement on a grand scale to all modalities of healthcare. Most importantly, they have the wherewithal to be the worldwide “go-to” portal for all patients seeking medical consultation in over 35 specialties. This portal is helping to mitigate the current mental health and opioid crisis by allowing patients immediate access to clinicians who can provide the best treatment and healthcare outcomes.

This is a two prong transaction:

1. The owner is asking to be paid a negotiated royalty for the registered trademark brand name,, that is so distinct and recognizable that it will trigger an overnight profit success.

2. In exchange for an investor’s stake in the telemedicine and manufacturing platforms, the owner would like the investor/joint venture equity partner to recapitalize the company (without any of the new proceeds going to the seller) by providing all of the necessary capital and resources required to allow the venture to monetize and implement all of the opportunities presently available through its existing platforms with the expectation that the company will become a Fortune 400 company within five years. They are looking for a minimum $5 million drip investment that will be deployed as needed. The owners would like to retain a 25% undiluted stake in the company with the intention of continuing to operate and grow the business.

As with previous years, the seller feels that as monies are deployed during the expansion and growth mode, the company will always remain in the “black,” even before it reaches its fullest potential. This is on top of the expected organic growth during its various business cycles.

Included in this opportunity is a whole host of the most influential, educational, technological and politically talented people in the industry dating

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