May 2017

AHC Front Runners in Community & Specialty Pharmacy

American HealthCare Capital emerges as the preeminent M&A Advisory firm at this year’s Specialty Pharmacy Summit, Asembia, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. Having landed over $250 Million in imminent sell-side deals makes AHC the 2017 front runner in the sale of LTC Pharmacies, Mail-Order Pharmacies and Specialty Pharmacies. Inquire today about […]

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Nov 2015

Ownership Transition – Oh, Boy!

by Cheryl Smith-Rizk, Vice President So, you sold your company and agreed to stay on for a short period of time or forever or anywhere in between.  Good decision, bad decision, how is it going to work? Can it work? Having someone else run your “baby, ” no matter what the circumstances are, is never easy. If someone […]

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