HealthCare Publications

Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Open Minds
    The most distributed on-line publication with daily updates and archives, as well as premium member and RFP subscription services. Also covers developmental/intellectual disabilities and regulatory/industry issues.
  • National Council Magazine
    Published three times a year, it focuses on best practices in management and treatment. The NCCBH also publishes the Journal of Behavioral Health Service & Research through Springer.
  • Behavioral Healthcare
    Focused on industry leaders and executives in the behavioral health care market.
  • Addiction Professional
    National publication for treatment providers and executives in the addictions field.
  • NAATP Visions
    The NAATP publishes the monthly newsletter for treatment professionals and it is available on the association website.
  • Both the NIMH  and SAMHSA have hundreds of behavioral health substance abuse-related publications available for free download or purchase on their websites.

Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities

  • Links
    A medical trade publication of ANCOR for members, with other detailed publications for purchase, as well as other policy-related documents available for download.
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    National practitioner-oriented journal published by AAIDD, along with the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, a research-focused publication.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  • HME News
    The leading business newspaper for home medical equipment providers in the US.
  • HomeCare
    The largest monthly publication on home medical equipment, as well as related home services, including infusion therapy. They also distribute HomeCare Monday, a weekly report on current home medical equipment issues, including market segments, best practices and new product information.

Home Care

  • Caring
    A healthcare industry publication of NAHC, the monthly issue addresses home health care and hospice issues. NAHC publishes various other industry newsletters including NAHC Report.
  • Private Duty Insider
    This magazine is one of a number of publication and e-magazines published by Decision Health, serving the business and regulatory needs of health care practitioners, providers and their administrative staff nationwide.
  • Eli’s Home Care Week
    The publication of record for the home health care industry. When executives and decision-makers in home health need to know what’s shaping the industry and why, they turn to the unbiased, unflinching, in-depth coverage available in Eli’s Home Care Week.
  • Home Health Provider
    While this site features regular updates in its “Current Headlines” and “Supplier News” sections, it is distinguished as one of the most complete marketplaces for home healthcare businesses.
  • Modern Health Care
    Modern Healthcare, is the industry’s leading source of healthcare and home care business news. Weekly news-driven publication reports on important healthcare event and trends as they happen, in addition to the “Daily Dose” reports. Ranked number one in readership among healthcare executives and deemed a “must-read publication” by the who’s who in healthcare.
  • Remington Report
    The Remington Report magazine is the leading publication for home care executives and clinical managers. Its predictions, trends, and clinical strategies are recognized by senior management, clinicians, and emerging leaders, along with the accuracy of its forecasts about the industry.
  • Home Health Care Today
    Home Health Care Today provides ideas, information, and expert resources to executives of home care companies in a variety of areas, including leadership development and business development strategies. They also publish Private Duty Today, with a special focus on issues unique to private duty companies.

Home Infusion

  • Infusion
    The official publication of NHIA, covering topics of interest in the field of alternate site infusion therapy.


See NAHC’s Caring magazine above, which contains regular news and articles about hospice care.

  • News Briefs
    NHPCO publishes a weekly newsletter on relevant hospice issues for its membership, in addition to Newsline and the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, a peer-oriented journal. Other targeted publications include Regulatory Round Up and ChiPPS Pediatric Palliative Care.

Hospitals/Surgical Centers

  • AHA
    AHA publishes multiple newsletter and magazines ranging from AHA, featuring regulatory and legislative developments, to Hospitals & Health Networks, which focus on new trends in health care.
  • ASC Focus
    The premier surgical center publication, this bi-monthly publication contains articles on patient care, regulatory and business development topics.

Long-Term Care/Sub-Acute Care

  • Provider
    This AHCA monthly healthcare trade publication focuses on industry trends, business development, and service issues in the long-term care marketplace.
  • Issue Briefs
    NASL publishes regular issue briefs focused on legislative and regulatory issues affecting long-term care providers.

Medical Laboratories

  • ACLA
    This website contains regular policy and legislative updates.

Medical Staffing

  • Staffing Week
    The latest economic news, regulatory developments, and legislative and legal activities are chronicled for ASA members. Section Spotlights is also available as a quarterly publication for healthcare-specific staffing issues.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

  • O & P Almanac
    The major healthcare publication in the orthotics & prosthetics industry and sponsored by AOPA, it focuses on trends, research, and business updates.


  • America’s Pharmacist
    The official magazine of the NCPA is focused on the diverse interest of America’s independent pharmacists.

Therapies – Physical, Speech, Occupational

  • PT in Motion
    The professional issues magazine of APTA, with articles ranging from legislative to practice issues. APTA also offers Physical Therapy, a peer-reviewed journal.
  • The ASHA Leader
    This award-winning weekly newsletter provides member news, recruitment ads, and industry-specific coverage. ASHA also publishes numerous professional journals, special interest e-newsletters, and policy documents.
  • OT Practice
    OT Practice covers everything from continuing education and practice issues to the latest professional news. AOTA also publishes special interest e-newsletters and the American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

Traumatic Brain Injury

  • THE Challenge
    The practitioner and management magazine for the Brain Injury Association of America. They also publish The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.