Determining the Fair Market Value of a healthcare service company is not an exact science. Enterprise Value is determined by the interaction of market conditions and individual company value drivers. Market conditions are constantly fluctuating, but the key value drivers for healthcare service companies are fairly consistent: business mix, geography, and management depth are the most important qualitative value drivers and size, trends, and margins are the most important quantitative value drivers.

Having closed literally thousands of healthcare service transactions, American HealthCare Capital is uniquely qualified to know how much companies are selling for in each distinct segment of the market. We offer a confidential Free Valuation over the telephone to any healthcare business that is considering a divestiture. We will tell you what data is required to assess the value of the company and share our analysis regarding current Enterprise Value, including the impact that transaction structure will have on what the seller ultimately takes home.

If you are selling your company or curious about your company’s worth, we can do a complimentary verbal valuation. If a formal valuation is required for estate planning, partnership dissolution, legal proceedings or any other purpose, we can provide a written report that indicates current Fair Market Value for a nominal fee.

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