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$1 Million Revenue Sleep Center and Pulmonary Practice in Northern California




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American HealthCare Capital is proud to introduce a successful, established sleep center and pulmonary medical practice for sale in Northern California. The company has served the community since 2010 and is one of very few independent, full-service, sleep disorder centers in the area not affiliated with corporate or bigger healthcare organizations. The sleep disorder clinic has 2 beds and is AASM accredited.

The company’s payer mix is 95% commercial insurance and 5% cash. In 2019 gross revenue was $949,797 with an adjusted EBITDA of $255,774. In 2020 gross revenue was $855,551 with EBITDA of $246,555. In 2021, PCM had gross revenue of $1,018,903 with an adjusted EBITDA of $586,006. And in 2022 Jan – April shows revenue of $ 321,031 for a projected 2022 Gross Revenue of $965,439 with an adjusted Annual EBITDA of $ 638,376.

The asking price for this pulmonary practice and sleep disorder clinic is $ 1.5 million, which includes all the equipment, furniture, and fixtures.

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