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Clinical-Stage Biopharma with a Novel, Targeted Therapy for Brain Tumors




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American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business with a novel, patented, small-molecule therapeutic agent for brain cancers. The agent selectively targets and inhibits a transcription factor that is highly expressed in glioblastomas and other tumors of the brain. In tumor cell-based and animal models of glioblastoma, the agent is effective in selectively killing tumor cells, alone and in combination with other targeted therapies. The drug is orally available and has been shown to attain therapeutically relevant concentrations in the brain tissue of non-human primates. The key value drivers for this therapy include:

• Current approaches to treat brain cancers are highly invasive, have significant side effects, and are largely ineffective long term.
• This agent has a high affinity for and selective inhibition of a novel, key transcription factor that is expressed selectively in brain tumors.
• Strong pre-clinical evidence of efficacy and favorable pharmacokinetics in the most relevant models, including oral bioavailability and concentration in brain tissue.
• A favorable pre-clinical safety profile at relevant clinical doses
• A strong intellectual property position with issued patents in the US and all major markets
• An open US IND with orphan drug designation, fast track designation, and rare pediatric disease designation with Phase 1 clinical trials set to begin H2 2024.

The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business is seeking an acquisition or strategic partnership to fund the significant initial and expanded development programs for this critical therapeutic approach to ensure its rapid availability to patients who need better treatments for brain cancer.

The price and structure of any transaction are to be determined.

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