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Behavioral Health Company in Maryland Experiencing Explosive Growth




Behavioral Health, Mental Health, & ABA Therapy

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American Healthcare Capital is pleased to exclusively introduce a behavioral health company offering mental health services to children, adults, and seniors in the Maryland area. The company has a team of licensed, certified behavioral health therapists who offer a wide array of testing, diagnosis, and therapy services for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Approximately 92% of the Maryland behavioral health company’s business is out of network and 8% is in network with Medicare. In 2023, the company’s gross revenue was $1,016,327 with an adjusted EBITDA of approximately $200,000. Revenue is projected to double in 2024 due to several factors.

• Their main office generates over $1,000,000/year.
• An exclusive three-year contract with a local senior living community that has over 9,200 residents to provide onsite and in-home therapy via Medicare should generate approximately $561,600 per year.
• Field placement with the local university’s Social Work Master’s program where interns work three days/week should generate $38,400/year.
• The Social Worker Licensure Compact to be legislated in 2024 is estimated to bring in an additional $307,602.

Over the next 12 months, the company is projected to gross $2,200,000 with an adjusted EBITDA of $800,000.
All employees, including the owner, are expected to stay on in the event of a sale.

The asking price for this Maryland behavioral health company is to be determined.

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