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Premier Provider of Developmental Disability Support Services with CARF Accreditation in Central New Mexico


New Mexico


Behavioral Health, Mental Health, & ABA Therapy

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Company Overview

American HealthCare Capital is pleased to present an exclusive listing for a Premier Provider of Developmental Disability Support Services located in Central New Mexico. This well-established organization has been dedicated to providing exceptional advocacy and support services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Operating since 2005, the company has grown to manage seven locations and employ forty-five highly skilled individuals. Their mission is to support and promote the self-selected lifestyles of New Mexicans with disabilities in a safe environment by maximizing independence, supporting personal choice, and fostering growth within the community. The company is CARF accredited, ensuring adherence to international standards for providing high-quality services to people with disabilities.

Financial Information

The company boasts a strong financial foundation, with 100% of its revenue sourced from Medicaid. Currently serving 22 clients, the organization bills approximately 1,500 hours per week. In 2021, the company generated a gross revenue of $2,918,894 and a net income of $1,527,403, yielding a 52.3% profit margin. In 2022, the company reported a gross revenue of $4,029,185 with a net income of $1,604,048, achieving a 39.8% profit margin. For 2023, the company recorded a gross revenue of $3,699,857 and a net income of $1,275,799, marking a 34.5% profit margin.

Company Growth Potential and Strategies

The developmental disability support company’s success is attributed to its excellent reputation for individualized service and the dedication of its staff. The potential for growth remains high, as the owners believe that further expansion through opening new group homes and strategic improvements in service offerings and marketing efforts will drive continued success.

Staffing Overview and Transition Plan

The current staff is expected to remain with the company under new ownership, ensuring continuity and preserving the accumulated knowledge and rapport with their clients. The owners are planning for retirement but are open to providing extended support during the transition period to ensure a smooth handover to the new owners.

Asking Price

The asking price for this opportunity is set at $12 million, plus the cost of real estate. The real estate includes six residential properties and one commercial building, with a total estimated value of $3,500,500.

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