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A Fast-Growing Medical Spa in Oregon Seeks Strategic or Financial Sponsor to Scale




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Company Overview

American Healthcare Capital takes pride in being the exclusive representative for a rapidly expanding medical spa and wellness center that offers a comprehensive range of discretionary and elective medical services. Established by a husband-wife duo consisting of a highly specialized aesthetic nurse and a board-certified surgeon, this cutting-edge facility is considered one of the top medical spas in Oregon. Their unwavering focus on delivering exceptional care and creating a remarkable experience is evident in the meticulous training provided to their team, ensuring that every aspect of a patient’s journey receives the highest quality of care and attention.

The services offered are:

  • A full range of injectables
  • A comprehensive list of laser treatments
  • A portfolio of peptides, IV therapies, weight loss, and hair restoration
  • Treatments for sexual health and dysfunctions
  • A complete menu of facial treatments such as resurfacing and chemical peel
Financial Overview

The business has been experiencing consistent expansion over the past few years, as the founders have been putting profits back into expanding the company. In 2023, the revenue was $2,578,060 with a net adjusted EBITDA of $574,350. Looking ahead to 2024, it is forecasted that the company will reach $3.5 million in revenue with a net adjusted EBITDA of $850,000. The data below exhibits the historical financial results.

  2020 2021 2022 2023
Revenue $1,036,087 $1,833,159 $2,021,913 $2,578,060
Net Profit – EBITDA $6,383.55 $195,172 $174,122 $574,350

The founders are looking for a strategic partner or financial backer with the experience to help grow the business from a regional leader to statewide and beyond. They are open to different deal structures, such as selling most of the company while keeping some ownership to meet their goals.

Asking Price

The asking price is $5 million, plus possible future earnouts.

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