$1.9 Million In-Network Addiction Treatment Center located in Central Texas


American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce an Addiction Treatment Center located in a premier Texas location. Based in one of the fastest-growing markets in the US, the company is well-connected to the largest residential treatment providers. They serve patients based all over the United States due to their clinical expertise in treating process addictions.

The center was recently licensed and accredited, and they are at the forefront and cutting edge of the industry. The business continues to see monthly increases, and the company has booked new insurance contracts with some of the largest providers. They are currently having a very strong year and experiencing their best growth yet due to an increased volume of telehealth clients and an uptick in demand for mental health services. Based on results through October, in 2020 they are projected to gross at least $1.9 million with an adjusted EBITDA of $730,000.

The asking price for this opportunity is $3 million.

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