$1.3 Million Revenue Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Practice Located in Texas


American Healthcare Capital is pleased to offer an outpatient pediatric therapy center that specializes in providing comprehensive therapy services for children. Located in a prominent city in Texas, the center is renowned for its holistic approach to treatment, focusing on enhancing children’s lives through physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy. Their mission is centered around using their unique abilities to deliver the highest quality of care, extending support not only to the children but also to their families by providing essential resources.

The center offers a variety of services, including physical therapy to develop motor skills, occupational therapy to improve daily living skills, and speech-language therapy to overcome communication challenges. Adapting to the evolving healthcare environment, they have integrated Telehealth services, ensuring uninterrupted remote support for children’s therapy needs. The center is distinguished by its philosophy of improving the overall quality of life for each child, marked by a personalized and nurturing approach to therapy. Their commitment to leveraging their skills for the betterment of children’s lives positions them as a key provider of compassionate and comprehensive therapy services in their region.

The company’s current payer mix consists of approximately 80% Medicaid, 15% Commercial Insurance, and 5% Private Pay. In 2021, the company generated $1,202,705 in gross collected revenue with an adjusted EBITDA of $284,008. In 2022, the company grew to $1,406,145 in gross revenue with an adjusted EBITDA of $357,361. In 2023, the business declined slightly generating $1,277,766 in gross annual revenue with an adjusted EBITDA of $236,416.

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