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Opportunity to Grow a Specialty Pharmacy with URAC Certification Licensed in all 50 States





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American HealthCare Capital is proud to introduce a full-service pharmacy located in Florida, offering the following specialty medications: dermatology, fertility, gastroenterology, hepatitis C, rheumatology, oncology, organ transplant, pain management and urology. They were a traditional retail pharmacy until their URAC accreditation in 2020, which expanded their focus and opportunity to drive dramatic future growth. Shipping to all 50 states and leveraging McKesson Specialty Supply Chain, they are capable of 300%-500% annual growth.

This opportunity does not include any of the existing accounts. The sellers are in the process of moving their current accounts to their other pharmacy, so this transaction will be for the purchase of the existing retail and specialty pharmacy, its URAC certifications for specialty in all 50 states, their mail order licenses in 50 states, and their contracts with all the large and smaller pharmaceutical distribution and supply companies.

The pharmacy employs 2 pharmacists, one of whom is an experienced specialty pharmacist, and 3 Pharmacy Technicians. They are all willing to stay under new ownership.

The asking price for this opportunity is $1 million.

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