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$7.2 Million Revenue Medical Staffing Company based in the Southeast




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Company Overview

American Healthcare Capital is proud to introduce a medical staffing company based in the Southeast. The company was founded in 2016. The company’s focus is providing nurses to Long Term Care Facilities. They do so primarily on a per diem basis (90%) with travel nursing making up the remainder of their business.

Financial Overview

The company has a strong track record of performance and profitability. In 2021, Gross Revenues were $7,294,255 with a Net Profit of $1,516,896 (20.8%), In 2022, Gross Revenues were $13,009,855 with a Net Profit of $2,441,607 (18.8%), and in 2023, Gross Revenues were $7,244,251 and an Adjusted EBITDA of $1,876,139 (25.8%). Projections for 2024 have topline revenue down slightly at $6 million with an estimate adjusted EBITDA of $1.5 million (25%).

Staff Overview

An organization structure is in place that runs the day-to-day operation of the business. The company currently has 240 nurses in the field working on assignment. The team that has been running the business is expected to stay in place post-sale.

The absentee owner is looking to pursue other business interests and will be available for a brief transition period.

Asking Price

The asking price for this opportunity is $9 million. 

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