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Highly Scalable Specialty Medical Software Company with Recurring Revenue


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Company Overview

American Healthcare Capital is delighted to exclusively showcase a growing U.S. medical software company that is seeking a strategic buyer/investor to help scale the business. The company provides web-based solutions for physicians, surgeons, and lifestyle medicine professionals. They offer various products to streamline processes and enhance patient experience, including customer relationship management software. The company generates revenue through subscription fees from practices specializing in supervised medical weight loss, obesity, and chronic disease management. Subscription contracts are typically for a minimum of three years.

Staff Overview

The specialty medical software company has a talented team of six full-time employees and independent contractors. The chief technical officer oversees the development of the company’s various technical programs. The entire team is expected to remain after an acquisition.

Financial Overview

The company has steadily growing revenue while investing in new product development. They grew from $283,956 in gross revenue in 2021 to more than $331,047 in 2023 with an adjusted EBITDA of $31,368. In 2024, they anticipate grossing $500,000 with an adjusted EBITDA of $120,000.

The Company founder is seeking a strategic partner and financial sponsor with the necessary skillset to help him scale the company. They are open to all types of deal structures, including selling a majority stake in the company, rolling equity, and staying on to grow the company to the next level.

Asking Price

The Asking price for this specialty medical software company is to-be-determined by the market and interested buyers.

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