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Behavioral Health, Mental Health, & ABA Therapy

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American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a Mental Health Company serving adults and children in the State of Idaho. The company was established in 2019 and provides an array of services to individuals and families experiencing severe behavioral and mental health disorders. Services provided include Outpatient Psychotherapy, Community Based Rehabilitation Services, Targeted Service Coordination, Peer Support, Family Support, Medication Management, and Targeted Care Support. The company serves communities at their five physical locations and through telehealth therapy.

Medicaid accounts for roughly 70% of the company’s business but they are in network with other major providers including BCBS, United, and Aetna, which account for 29% of the company’s business. Approximately, 1% of their business comes from Private Pay. The business serves roughly 640 clients and averages 715 billable hours per week.

Since being established in 2019, the company has grown tremendously in just over three short years. In 2021, gross revenues were $1,400,000 with an adjusted EBITDA of $300,000. In 2022, gross revenues were $2,700,000 with an adjusted EBITDA of $602,482. Growth is expected to continue into 2023 due to their expanding brand presence in Idaho, as well as the addition of Occupational Therapy services which allow individuals to get the training necessary for employment in the current job market. Conservatively, the company is projected to achieve $3,016,045 of revenue with an adjusted EBITDA of $550,023 in 2023.

Both owners are open to staying on but are not necessary for operating the business. Management is already in place to take over in the event of a sale. All employees are expected and willing to stay on, and the ownership team is open to an earn-out.

The asking price for this opportunity is $3.5 million.

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