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$600,000 Revenue Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Practice located in Washington State




Behavioral Health, Mental Health, & ABA Therapy, PT, OT, ST, Rehab, & Chiropractors

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American Healthcare Capital is pleased to offer an Outpatient Pediatric Therapy practice for sale in Washington State. The company focuses primarily on Occupational and Speech Therapy. They specialize in sensory integration, reflex integration, tech and media addiction, Internet Gaming Disorders, behavioral health, and mental health issues as well as communication and feeding concerns.

The company’s current payer mix consists of 98% Private Insurance and 1% Private Pay. There is no Medicaid. The breakdown private insurance revenue is Premera Blue Cross (50%), Kaiser (20%), Cigna (10%), Aetna (10%), and Other (10%). In 2021, the company generated $535,957 in gross collected revenue, with an adjusted EBITDA of $210,178. In 2022, the company increased approximately 30%, collecting $695,929 in gross annual revenue with an adjusted EBITDA of $224,201. As of September 30th 2023, the company has collected $450,095 in gross revenue, and they expect to collect approximately $600,000 in gross annual revenue by the end of 2023.

The asking price for this opportunity is $425,000.

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