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$1 Million Revenue National Dental & Technology Equipment Drop-Shipping Company


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Dental Practices, DME & HME

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American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a national Dental and Technology Equipment company for sale. The company is currently based in the Eastern USA but can be operated from anywhere. Founded by three partners, the company sells dental equipment and digital tools to dental clinics nationally and helps clinic owners identify what is needed for improved clinical outcomes, efficiency, and increased productivity.

The Company has a presence in all 50 states through 36 independent salespeople who are the main source of referrals, as well as having an online presence. The Company focuses on unique, innovative equipment such as:

• Digital Panoramic X-rays
• 3-D Cone Beam
• Dental Lasers
• Intra-oral Cameras
• Scanners
• Air Suction Systems
• Apex Locators
• Dental Curing Lights

The Company has ten distribution agreements with manufacturers where equipment is dropped-shipped to buyers. The Company offers training and support through the manufacturer and utilizes a team of independent contractors when an installation is required. The current business model of working with commission-based independent contractors, drop shipping directly from manufacturers, and outsourcing installation requirements to a qualified team of installers have helped the company to grow nationally and enjoy very healthy profit margins.

In 2022, the Company revenue was $1,026,420 with an adjusted EBIDTA of $119,577, and expects in 2023 to have a revenue of $1,000,000, and an adjusted EBIDTA of $150,000 for 2023.

The asking price for this opportunity is $1.0 million plus the cost of inventory. The price excludes cash or any accounts receivables.

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