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$1.2 Million EBITDA, Fast-growing and Highly Scalable, Discount Membership Pharmacy with The Potential of Becoming a Unicorn


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American Healthcare Capital is pleased to represent the next promising Unicorn Company, a fast-growing, membership discount online direct pharmacy that sells FDA-approved, generic, and branded prescription drugs at cost by eliminating the intermediaries. The Company is one of the first e-commerce digital discount pharmacies. Their business model consists of the following: Direct to Consumer (D2C) – Annual Membership; Business to Business (B2B) – Same D2C user experience for online discount pharmacies; and Fulfillment – White label solution for independent pharmacies.

As one of the pioneers in the space, the Company puts patients and their physicians in charge, eliminating the dependency on insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers who often control or deny required prescriptions and drive the cost of medications higher.

The prescription market in the United States consists of 90% generic vs. 10% branded medications.  Currently, the 3 biggest wholesalers are AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson Corporation, from whom most retail pharmacies purchase their drugs. The Company buys approximately 30% of their medication from McKesson and the rest from 30 other drug wholesalers. The cost of drugs is passed on to the patients without any markups. The company makes its money on membership fees.

By eliminating the middleman, the Company is simplifying the distribution channel, disrupting the traditional model, and saving patients time and money. This unique D2C business model of receiving orders, fulfillment, and shipping directly to patients is also helping manufacturers improve their profit margins versus the traditional model of wholesalers earning massive fortunes at the expense of patients. The business model is a win-win situation for drug manufacturers and patients and improves patients\’ health by not allowing the cost of medicine to become a barrier to treatment.

The Company is a promising Unicorn. This opportunity is so attractive because of the cost savings achieved from the elimination of the wholesalers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers, which retail drug stores must buy from.

Valuation Guidance

Based on a recent Term Sheet received by the company as of August 2023, American Healthcare Capital believes the Company’s current enterprise value is in the range of

$30,000,000 – $50,000,000.

Asking Price

The founders are seeking a strategic partner and financial sponsor who can help them become the next Unicorn. Therefore, they are open to all types of deal structures, including a majority equity sale, roll-equity, and a scheduled earnout. The current founders would like to continue working and scaling the company.

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